June 16, 2018

12:30 & 5:00

This is the result of your dancer's year of hard work. It makes the end of the year fun and exciting. Costumes are ordered in January, and dancers begin to learn their choreography in February. A photographer comes to the studio to get group shots, and DVDs of the performances are available. If your dancer likes to dance around the living room, then they will love to dance in the lights of the stage!

Recital Day Reminders

  1. Arrive 1.5 hours-1 hour before show time. (i.e. Show begins at 12:30PM. Back stage door opens at 11:00 and closes at 11:30 for dancer drop off.)
  2. Parents are not allowed backstage. Dancers will be dropped off at the backstage door check in point.
  3. Come with hair slicked into a bun with no bangs
  4. Remove all jewelry and nail polish before arriving
  5. Make sure to purchase and print your tickets
  6. No photography is allowed during the show
  7. Please no food in the auditorium or backstage, water bottles only
  8. Dancers will remain backstage until the entire performance is over. (If your dancer has any problem, we will page you in the auditorium.)


Frequently Asked Questions

updated 3/4/2018
Previous information was based on our 2017 season

Costumes & Make Up

When will they receive their costume? 
We will hand out costumes as they arrive. They can arrive through the second week of May.
What color shoes and tights does my child need for the show?
All ballet classes: Pink Shoes and Capezio Pink Tights
Jazz: Bloch brand tan superjazz shoe and Capezio light suntan tights
Tap: Black with solid sole shoe and Capezio light suntan tights
Hip Hop Classes: Black converse and Capezio light suntan tights
Is there a dress rehearsal? 
There will be a dress rehearsal week at the studio. Date Coming Soon. This takes place during your dancers' regularly scheduled class. They are to arrive in the appropriate tights, shoes and their costume. Hair should be slicked back into a bun, no bangs. Stage make up on.
How should my child wear her hair?
All dancer’s hair should be slicked back into a bun, no bangs.
What make-up should my child wear?
Dancers should wear neutral tones on their eyes and a bright colored lipstick, red or dark pink.

Photos & Video

Will there be a professional video of the show? 
Yes! We hire a high quality professional to film the show which is available for purchase before the event at the studio or the day of the event.
Are cameras allowed in the theater? 
No. Due to theater regulations and dancer safety, no still cameras or video cameras are allowed.
Will there be pictures taken? 
Action photos will be taken during the performance. You will be able to view the photos of your dancer online shortly after recital.


When do tickets go on sale? 
May 1st at 8AM
Where do I purchase tickets? 
Tickets will be available online. There will be a link off our home page. You can also purchase them in person at Orange Lutheran High School.
How much do they cost and is it assigned seating? 
It is assigned seating. Orchestra: $22, Children $15, General Seating: $17, Children $10 (Children ages 2-10. This will be enforced at the door.) A $2 service fee is ALREADY included in these prices. Nothing will be added on at check out.
Which show should I buy tickets for? 
A list will be posted here and on the home page of our website in April.

Theater Details

Where is the show held? Orange Lutheran High School

Show Day Information

Are parents allowed backstage? 
No, Dancers will be checked in at the door and escorted by volunteers to join their group.
When is the annual show? 
Shows will be June 16th.
Will my child perform in every show? 
No! Every dance performs in only one show*. The show line ups will be posted the last week in April.
*If your child is in more than one dance or if you have multiple dancers, we cannot guarantee that both dances will be in the same show.
What time does my child need to be at the theater? 
All dancers must be back stage by 1 hour prior the show start, back stage doors open an hour and a half before show time. (i.e. Show begins at 12:30PM. Back stage door opens at 11:00 and closes at 11:30 for dancer drop off.) They will remain backstage until the entire performance is over. Dancers will only be released to their parents once the show is over.

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